Is Colorado a No-fault or At-fault State for Auto Insurance?

Since 2003, Colorado has been an at- fault state when it comes to auto insurance.

At-fault auto insurance entails that if you are the driver responsible for the accident, you’re required to pay the medical expenses and damages for the other individuals injured during the accident.

Injured drivers or passengers involved in an at-fault accident now have multiple options when looking at compensation regarding their medical bills or other losses while in a car accident.

Some options for obtaining compensation include:

  1. Filing a claim with their insurance company
  2. Filing a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company
  3. Going to civil court and filing a lawsuit against the other driver

Colorado’s Modified Comparative Fault Rules

Colorado follows a modified comparative fault rule that applies when an injured person shares some of the legal fault for the accident.

The rule explains that each party involved in the accident is given a percentage on how much they were at fault. As long as you’re deemed 49% percent at-fault or less, you’re able to collect a damage amount that’s been reduced by your degree of fault. However, if your fault percentage is 50 percent or higher you may not be able to collect the damage amount from the other person.

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